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Sun.Star Cebu

Sun.Star Cebu (as of Sept. 18, 2009)

Abellana, Anna Marie E., News Reporter
Aclao, Arni, News Photographer
Adlawan, Rizel, News Correspondent
Amante, Isolde D., Managing Editor News
Arquiza, Adrian Lino III, Weekend Magazine Editor
Aviles, Keres H., Nation & World Editor
Awit, Jujemay G., News Reporter
Aznar, Edri Adolphus K., News Reporter
Baring, Marian C., Sports Reporter
Baquero, Elias O., News Reporter
Badayos, Alex,  Chief Photographer
Baumgart, Elisabeth P.,  News Reporter
Cabotaje, Garry, News Reporter
Cacho, Katrina, News Correspondent
Campaña, Amper, News Photographer
Campaña, Olga Marie, Page Editor
Cudis, Nancy R., News Reporter
Cuizon, Allan, News Photographer
Dalipe, Gerome, News Reporter
Defensor, Allan, News Photographer
Gerodias, Jovy T., News Reporter
Lim, Cherry Ann T., Managing Editor Special Pages
Limpag, Max Sherwin, Page & Website Editor
Limpag, Michael Jerome T., Sports Editor
Martel, Rene, News Reporter
Manlosa, Rommel C., Sports Reporter
Niñal, Lorenzo P., Page Editor
Noveda, Kara Mae M., Shopping Bag Editor
Orendain, Leticia,  Live & Show Editor
Pineda, Oscar C., News Reporter
Potestas, Clint Holton P., Soft Pages Writer
Quibranza III, Luis A., Soft Pages Writer
Rama, Ed Karlon N., News Reporter
Ramos, Linette Marie, News Reporter
Rodriguez, Charmaine Janis, News Editor
Rosello, Ruel, News Photographer
Seares, Pachico A., Editor-in-Chief
So, Michelle P., Executive Editor
Tecson, Eleanor Rianne C., Page Editor Chief
Varquez, Allan I., News Reporter
Vestil, Justin Anjuli K., News Reporter
Viado, Samuel G., Editorial Liaison
Wenceslao, Candido O., Opinion Editor
Yap, Januar E., Sports Editor

Almirante, Dominador, Business columnist
Barrita, Eddie, Opinion columnist
Batuhan, Allan, Business columnist
Baybay, Dulce Festin, Kids R Us columnist
Briones, Publio J., Copy editor
Cabilao, Karl Aries Emerson, Live! contributor
Carvajal, Orlando P., Opinion columnist
Chiongbian, Edgar, Sports columnist
Costanilla, Sam, Show columnist
Dela Cruz, Celeste Faith, Light contributor
Echavez, Lelani, Opinion columnist
Espina, Mila, Live! columnist
Espinoza, Elias L., Opinion columnist
Fetalvero, Noemi, Live! columnist
Garania, Cindy Ruiz, Live! columnist
Garcia, Jeneen, Weekend Magazine & Kids R Us columnist
Lagura, Flor, SVD, Light columnist
Lerin, Kristin, Travel editor
Libre, Mel, Opinion columnist
Lim, Melanie T., Opinion columnist
Lim, Robert Pableo, Live! contributor
Literatus, Zosimo, Live! columnist
Luab, Evelyn, Live! columnist
Malilong, Frank, Opinion columnist
Mendoza, Al S., Sports columnist
Mercado, Juan, Opinion columnist
Moises, Darwin John, Live! columnist
Nalzaro, Bobby, Opinion columnist
Newman, Jenara, Live! contributor
Ng, Wilson, Business columnist
Obenieta, Myke U., Opinion columnist
Osmeña, Antonio, Business columnist
Pages, John, Sports columnist
Palmares, Michelle M., Live! columnist
Pestaño, John, Sports columnist
Quijano, Aileen, Weekend Magazine columnist
Quijano, Ritchie, Live! contributor
Quistadio, Arrah Camilla R., Live! and Weekend Magazine contributor
Reeves, Robert, Business columnist
Roperos, Godofredo, Opinion columnist
Saplala, Jess, Live! columnist
Sesante, Dana Ruiz, Live! columnist
Serna, Roger, Show columnist
Tabada, Mayette, Opinion columnist
Toral, Janette, Business columnist
Utzurrum, Chinggay, Live! columnist
Valero, Emily Jade, Marketing Billboard editor
Ypil, Lawrence, Weekend Magazine columnist

Sun.Star Network Exchange

Editor-in-Chief, Nini B. Cabaero
Managing Editor, Marlen D. Limpag
Network Coordinator, Mildred V. Galarpe
Editor (Manila), Joy R. Flores
Assistant Content Editor, Laureen R. Mondoñedo
Assistant Content Editor, Ariel B. Catubig
Manila Reporter, Jill Russell D. Beltran
Manila Reporter, Justine Laya C. Paredes
Manila Reporter, Kathrina Charmaine R. Alvarez
Manila Reporter, Angela M. Casauay
Manila Reporter, Glaiza D. Jarloc
Web Technology Officer, Francis June A. Ygot
Web Technology Support, Dave R. Tangarorang
Web Technology Support, Victor R. Sotto
Web Technology Support, Irenelou P. Llego
Administrative Assistant (Cebu) – Leah F. Ybañez
Administrative Assistant (Manila) – Anna Lyn C. Talosig

Sun.Star Superbalita [Cebu]

Ballesteros, Florenda Q., News Reporter
Ciar, Arturo R., Entertainment Editor
Lirazan, Charmaine, News Reporter
Lirazan, Erwin S., Sports Asst. Editor
Migallen, Emilio Jr., Sports Editor
Monterde, Vencie C., News Reporter
Mongaya, Emmanuel, Opinion Editor
Morallo, Rolando, Feature Editor
Tabar, Dennes R., News Reporter
Tubilan, Joseph Elvir C., News Reporter
Tumulak, Jonathan F., News Reporter
Vallena, Roger E., News Editor

The lists of journalists are provided by their newspaper or broadcast station, as certified by the editor-in-chief, news director, or station manager.

Each list is divided into full-time and part-time journalists: Full-timers are those certified by their employers as regular employees with basic pay and benefits. Part-timers are those who regularly contribute to the publication or broadcast station and are paid per article, piece, segment, appearance, or assignment, or by honorarium, per diem, or similar arrangement that can’t be considered basic pay of a regular employee. Certifications by the respective news organizations, through the Human Resource Department (HRD) or manager, are the bases of the classification.

This list DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY a person in the list to benefits under the Cebu Media Medical Aid Fund (CEMMAF) or the Cebu Media Legal Aid (CEMLA), which have their own criteria, requirements and system of processing applications for benefits.

The lists are periodically updated, but CCPC is not responsible for inclusion or exclusion of persons that are not immediately relayed to it or cannot be immediately reflected in the website, or for errors in the uploading.

We appreciate the help of website visitors calling CCPC’s attention to any inaccuracy. What prevails in case of discrepancy is the word of the HRD, station manager, or editor in chief.

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