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Cebu Daily News

Cebu Daily News (as of Sept. 8, 2009)

Alison, Marsante, Copy editor
Bongcac, Doris C., News reporter
Canizares, Kelvin M., Sports reporter
Capilla, Stephen Bernard D.
Codilla, Marian Christie, News reporter
Cordova, Calvin D., Editorial Assistant
Despojo, Antonio E., Photo editor
Fernandez, Connie, Editor-in-chief
Gabuya, Enrico C., Sports editor
Israel, Dale G., News reporter
Java, Antonio Francisco R., Copy editor
Lijauco, Ma. Midorie M., Lifestyle editor
Mangubat, Eileen G., Publisher
Mariñas, Maria Niza G., Assistant lifestyle editor
Mayol, Ador Vincent, News reporter
Mendoza, Wenceslao, Photographer
Ochoa, Brian Mikael, Copy editor
Parco, Ma. Bernadette, Editorial Assistant
Ramirez, Nestor Godofredo B., Nation editor
Singson, Dennis B., Copy editor
Tan, Tito, Editorial Assistant
Tecson, Amelito, Photographer

Aragon, Chito, News correspondent
Baccay, Isabel, Columnist
Baguia, Jason, Columnist
Bersales, Jose Eleazar, Columnist
Chua, Philip, Columnist
De la Cerna, Madrileña, Columnist
Dela Cruz, Aissa, Columnist
Delos Angeles, Fr. Dan, Columnist
Dumaboc, Fe Marie D., News correspondent
Dumdum, Simeon, Columnist
Elevera, Renato, Editorial cartoonist
Fajardo, Fernando, Columnist
Fernandez, Raymund, Columnist
Figuracion, Fr. Randy, Columnist
Grandea, Nievelinda G., Columnist
Ingles, Gabriel, Columnist
Lagumbay, Salven, Columnist
Ligan, Chris, News correspondent
Logarta, Sofia, Columnist
Lumagbas, Roy, Columnist
Magadapa, Ustadz Haron, Columnist
Mercado, Juan, Columnist
Napallacan, Nicasio, News correspondent
Ongkingco, Francis B., Columnist
Pacquiao, Calixto, Columnist
Panerio, Jonas Rey N., Sports correspondent
Paredes, Radel, Columnist
Pareja, Gerard, Columnist
Pascual, Hidelito, Columnist
Picornell, Jaime, Columnist
Poca, Roderic, Columnist
Rosal, Glendale G., Sports Correspondent
Sarmiento, Loreen, Columnist
Suarez, Romulo, Columnist
Vamenta, Virginia, Columnist
Villalonga, Tyke John, Editorial cartoonist
Yap, Aileen G., Business correspondent
Zamora, Mercedes, Columnist

The lists of journalists are provided by their newspaper or broadcast station, as certified by the editor-in-chief, news director, or station manager.

Each list is divided into full-time and part-time journalists: Full-timers are those certified by their employers as regular employees with basic pay and benefits. Part-timers are those who regularly contribute to the publication or broadcast station and are paid per article, piece, segment, appearance, or assignment, or by honorarium, per diem, or similar arrangement that can’t be considered basic pay of a regular employee. Certifications by the respective news organizations, through the Human Resource Department (HRD) or manager, are the bases of the classification.

This list DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY a person in the list to benefits under the Cebu Media Medical Aid Fund (CEMMAF) or the Cebu Media Legal Aid (CEMLA), which have their own criteria, requirements and system of processing applications for benefits.

The lists are periodically updated, but CCPC is not responsible for inclusion or exclusion of persons that are not immediately relayed to it or cannot be immediately reflected in the website, or for errors in the uploading.

We appreciate the help of website visitors calling CCPC’s attention to any inaccuracy. What prevails in case of discrepancy is the word of the HRD, station manager, or editor in chief.

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