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Cebu Media Medical Aid Fund Phase 2

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Cebu Media Medical Aid Fund Phase 2

August 1st, 2006 · No Comments


Phase Two covers aid given to Cebu Media Medical Aid Fund (Cemmaf) beneficiaries who qualify under Cemmaf Phase One but are not hospitalized.

Specifically, it covers illnesses of whatever kind that require the so-called “maintenance” medicines, excluding vitamins and dietary supplements.

Qualifications of beneficiary

(a) A qualified primary beneficiary under Cemmaf Phase One (Hospitalization)
(b) Requirement of “maintenance” medicines must be for at least one month, as certified by the beneficiary’s physician

A secondary beneficiary may also be extended aid by the Cemmaf committee on a case-to-case basis and depending upon availability of funds/medicines.

Amount/quantity, form of aid

Aid shall be in the form of the prescribed medicines, which shall be released by the Cenewof-accredited drugstore every month.

Amount of aid, which determines the quantity of medicines to be supplied to the beneficiary, shall be fixed by the Cemmaf committee. No medicines shall be released unless previously screened and authorized by the committee.

Forms/paperwork for beneficiary

(a) Filled-in application form provided by Cenewof secretariat or respective
media outlet
(b) Photocopy of doctor’s medical certificate
(c) Photocopy of doctor’s prescription (b and/or c shall contain estimated
quantity and length of use of medicines prescribed)
(d) New information that the Cemmaf committee from time to time may
request for update on the beneficiary’s status.

Committee authorization

The Cemmaf committee shall see to it that the authorization for Cenewof secretariat to process and release the medicines (via accredited drugstore):

(a) Specifies the amount/quantity and length of the aid;
(b) Sets the condition that the aid can be stopped/suspended by the Cemmaf
committee when it decides it is no longer needed, the beneficiary no longer
qualifies, funds are no longer available, or for any other reason which the
beneficiary cannot question.

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