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Achievements of the CCPC in the last two years

December 17th, 2007 · No Comments

SINCE the revival of the Cebu Citizens-Press Council in September 2005,
the council has accomplished the following:

[1] It opened the MBF Cebu Press Center in Lahug, Cebu City as a receiving
center for complaints addressed to the CCPC.

[2] It obtained a legal personality and launched a website.

[3] As part of its work to help media practitioners improve their craft:

  • It drew up standards for media coverage to protect the human rights of suspects and detainees.
  • It drew up standards for the coverage of religion and religious officials.
  • It also held a dialogue to enable the media and the Church to better understand each other’s structure and processes. The culmination of this effort was the production of a documentary on the coverage of priests.
  • It crafted a resolution reminding the press to abide by the standards of law and practice on the coverage of women and children.
  • It also conceptualized an academe-led effort to analyze media’s coverage of the May 2007 elections, with the view to improving coverage of future elections.

[4] To address threats to press freedom

  • The CCPC weighed in on pending legislation, expressing support for (a) the bill to give journalists of broadcast stations, wire agencies and the Internet the right not to divulge their news sources (House Bill 4835), and (b) the bill to limit the venue of libel against community journalists to the principal office of business of the publication or station (House Bill 77).

[5] During significant events, it made its voice heard:

  • For the 12th Asean Summit, it made an appeal for both media and government to show a greater sense of responsibility.
  • For the May 2007 elections, it made a resolution calling on all stakeholders to allow the press to perform its watchdog function.

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